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Michal Juhász
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Legal Information
We ask you to read the following privacy policy carefully before you proceed with reading our website or using any elements of it. Persons who access the website including any of its subdomains declare their agreement to the conditions stated below.
PIZ3 GmbH, Cho d'Punt, 7503 Samedan (hereinafter referred to as “we”) is the operator of the website and all of its subdomains (hereinafter referred to as “our website or this website”), and responsible for the collection, processing, and use of your personal data. Your trust is important to us, so we take data protection seriously.

Whenever we advise third parties to process your personal data, the third party will be carefully selected and has to take appropriate measures to ensure the confidentiality and security of your personal information. Also our employees are obliged to treat personal data confidentially.

Responsible person for data protection:
Michael Juhàsz
Via da la Staziun 38
CH-7504 Pontresina
Tel.: +41 (0)81 828 89 41

Copyright and Trademark Rights
The content of this website is completely protected by copyright. All rights belong to PIZ3 GmbH or third parties. The elements on this website are accessible only for browsing purposes. Reproduction of the material or parts thereof in any written or electronic form is only permitted with explicit mention of Reproducing, transmitting, modifying, linking, or using the website and all of its subdomains for public or commercial purposes is prohibited, unless we have given you a written permission. All names and logos on our website are usually registered trademarks. No part of this website is designed to grant a license or right to use an image, a registered trademark, or a logo. By downloading or copying the website, subdomains or parts thereof, no rights with regard to software or elements on our website are transferred. We reserve all rights of all elements on the website and its subdomains, except third-party rights.

No warranties for reliability
Although we have made every effort to ensure that the information contained on our website is reliable at the time of publication, neither our contractual partners nor we can make any assurances, neither explicit nor implicit, or warranties (including those with regard to third parties) concerning accuracy, reliability, or completeness of the information on and its subdomains. Opinions and other information on this website are subject to change without notice. We take no responsibility and grant no guarantee that the functioning of our website will not be interrupted or that our website or the respective server is free from viruses or other harmful components.

Liability Limitation
If there is a contractual relationship between the user of this website or another of our services and us, we are only liable for grossly negligent or intentionally caused damage, and exclude any liability for damage caused by an auxiliary. We cannot be held liable for lost profits, lost data or any other direct, indirect or consequential damages resulting from the access to or use of elements of this website or the impossibility to access or use them or from links to others Websites or technical malfunctions.

General use of data
All personal data collected or generated during your use of our website and all its subdomains and protected by the DSG (Schweizer Bundesgesetz über den Datenschutz) or the DSGVO (Datenschutz-Grundverordnung der Europäischen Union) will be used only for the purpose of fulfilling the contract. Unless, according to this privacy policy, you express consent to any further use or an applicable law exists that allows this.

Links on our website
Our website contains links to websites of third parties that may be of interest to you. When you activate such links, you may leave our website, or you may see excerpts from third-party websites within the environment of the website and its subdomains. We have not taken out any checks on the websites of third parties connected to this website by links and can in no way be held responsible or liable for the content or functioning of these third-party websites. This applies regardless of whether you leave our website when activating a link or the representation occurs within the environment of our website, and even if the information provider of a foreign website is not apparent. Connecting with them or consulting third-party websites is solely at the account and risk of the user.

Collection, processing, and use of personal data
We are allowed to collect personal data about received services, your payment details, your online preferences, and your customer feedback, including your company name, your name, address, email, and so on. We use this personal information to communicate with you, to conclude business with you and process transactions, to operate the technology, for billing purposes, to conduct market research as well as for marketing purposes or to contact you by mail, email, or text messages. We may also collect personal information about your credit standing to protect us against payment default.
Furthermore, we might collect your browsing and usage data. For example, we may collect your IP address, the information with which device, browser and browser version you visited our website, when you accessed it, which operating system you use, from which website or app you have accessed our website via a link, and what elements of our website offer you use. This information is stored with the IP address of your access device. The purpose is to optimise our website technology, to protect it against attacks or other violations, and to personalise our website for you in order to offer you a better user experience.

Storage of device and personal data
Our servers temporarily store every access in a log file while you are visiting our website. The following device data, as well as personal data, may be collected and stored by our host without your intervention:

  • the IP address of the requesting computer
  • the date and time of access
  • the name and URL of the retrieved file
  • the website from which the access was made
  • the operating system of your computer and the browser you use
  • the country from which you accessed and the language settings in your browser

With the collection and processing of this data we want to enable you to use our website, establish a connection, ensure the long-term security and stability of the system and to optimise our website and for internal statistics. Which is our legitimate interest in data processing. The IP address is used in particular to record the country of residence of the website visitor. Furthermore, in case of attacks on the network infrastructure of our website, the IP address will be evaluated for statistical purposes. Above this, when you are visiting our website, we may use pixels and cookies to display personalised advertising and may also use web analytics services.

Storage and processing of personal data
Your personal data will only be processed by us for as long as it is necessary for our purpose or as required by a legal regulation. Your data will be deleted after the expiration of the guarantee period or the end of the service as long as we are not obliged by law to retain it. This deletion will be carried out immediately or in the course of periodically carried out deletion runs.

We will keep contract data, which may also include personal data, until the expiry of the statutory retention period of 10 years. Data retention obligations arise, among other things, from accounting regulations and tax regulations as well as the obligation to retain electronic communications. As far as we no longer need your personal data to provide services for you, your data will be blocked. This means that it may then only be used for accounting purposes and tax purposes.

If we wish to refuse further business contacts with a data subject due to abuse, payment default, or other legitimate reasons, the personal data will be stored for a period of five years or, in the event of a recurrence, for ten years.

Transfer of personal data abroad
PIZ3 GmbH is entitled to transfer your personal data to contracted service providers abroad if this is essential for the data processing as described in this privacy policy. These third parties are obliged to data protection to the same extent as we are. If the level of data protection in one country does not correspond with Swiss or the European standards, we contractually ensure that the protection of your personal data corresponds to that in Switzerland or the EU at all times.

Contact Forms
You have the option to use a contact form to contact us. The entry of the following personal data is mandatory:

  • First and Last Name
  • Phone number
  • email address

The mandatory entries are marked by (*).If you do not provide this information we might not be able to provide our services. Other personal data in other fields is voluntary. We guarantee that we only use this data to answer your contact request in the best possible and personalised way. You can inform us at any time that you no longer consent to the processing of this voluntarily provided personal data (see “Your Rights”).

Sharing of your data with others
We share your personal data if you have expressly consented, if we are legally obliged to, or if it is necessary for the enforcement of our rights, in particular for the enforcement of claims arising from the relationship between you and PIZ3 GmbH (e.g. collection agencies, authorities, or lawyers). We may share your data with third parties as far as required in the context of the use of this website and all of its subdomains for the provision of the desired services (e.g. web hosts, companies through which we offer the services on our website (e.g. storage rent, companies that advertise on our behalf) as well as the analysis of your user behaviour.

When sharing your data with third parties, we provide sufficient contractual guarantees that such a third party uses the personal data in accordance with legal requirements and exclusively in our interest. If the technology contains links to third-party websites, we have no longer any influence on the collection, processing, storage, or use of personal data by the third party after clicking on these links and thus cannot be held responsible.

Use of cookies
We use cookies on our website. They help us to make your stay on our website easier accessible and more enjoyable. Cookies are information files that your web browser automatically saves to your computer’s hard drive when you visit our website.

Session cookies are used during access to our website to assign information. They are deleted after closing your Internet browser. Permanent cookies are used to save your default settings (e.g. preferred language) over several independent accesses to our website, i.e. even after closing your Internet browser, or to enable automatic login. Permanent cookies are deleted according to the setting of your Internet browser. By using our website as well as the corresponding functions, you consent to the use of permanent cookies.Cookies neither damage the hard disk of your computer nor is personal data of the user transmitted to us by these cookies. The use does not mean that we receive new personal information about you as an online visitor. Most internet browsers accept cookies automatically. However, you can configure your browser so that no cookies are stored on your computer, or you are always notified when you receive a new cookie. The deactivation of cookies may mean that you cannot use all functions of our website.

Data security
PIZ3 GmbH uses appropriate technical and organisational security means to protect your stored personal data against manipulation, partial or total loss, and against unauthorised access by others. Our security measures are being continuously improved in line with technological developments. Please always keep your information confidential and close the browser window when you stop communicating with us.

Legal foundation
The legal foundation for the processing of personal data through us is generally laid down in Article 13 (2) (a) of the GDPR (processing directly related to the conclusion or performance of a contract, corresponds to Article 6 (1) (b) EU GDPR) and Article 13 (1) DSG (consent of the data subject or obligation to be processed by law, corresponds to Article 6 (1) (a) EU GDPR). If we decide to refuse concluding future contracts with data subjects due to abuse, default, or similar legitimate reasons, we reserve the right, based on Article 13 (1) of the DSG (corresponding to Article 6 (1) (f) EU GDPR) to keep name, first name, address, and email address of a data subject as well as the personal data on the circumstances for the sake of our own interest. Processing of your personal data by other parties is also based on Article 13 (1) of the DSG (corresponding to Article 6 (1) (f) EU GDPR).

Your rights
We provide, upon request, information as to whether and, if so, which personal data is being processed about you (right to confirmation, right to information). At your request:

We waive all or part of the processing of personal data (right to revoke your consent to the processing of non-essential personal data). Your request will also be shared with third parties we have previously shared your personal information with. We correct the corresponding personal data (right to rectify incorrect data. We restrict the processing of the relevant personal data (right to restriction of processing, in which case we will only save your personal data or use it to protect our legal rights or to protect the rights of another person.) You will receive the relevant personal data in a structured, common and machine-readable format (right to data portability).To make such a request contact our point of contact as stated at the beginning of this Privacy Policy. If we fail to comply with a request, we will inform you of the reasons for doing so. For example, we may, in a legally permissible manner, deny deletion if your personal data is still needed for the original purposes (for example, if you still receive a service from us) if the processing is based on a compelling legal basis (for example, legal accounting rules) or if we have an overriding interest (such as in the case of litigation against the data subject). If we assert an overriding interest in the processing of personal data, you have the right to object to the processing, provided that your particular situation leads to a different balance of interests compared to other data subjects (right to object). In case you are not satisfied with our handling of your request, you have the right to lodge a complaint with a competent regulatory authority, for example in your country of residence or at the registered office of PIZ3 GmbH (right to complain).

Opt-in and Opt-out
If you do not agree to the usage of your data, you can disable it. Switching off the tracking is done by filing a so-called “opt-out cookie” on your system. If you delete all your cookies, please note that the opt-out cookie will also be lost and may have to be renewed.

Applicable law
This Privacy Policy and the agreements concluded based on or in connection with this privacy policy are governed by Swiss law unless the law of another state is necessarily applicable. Jurisdiction is at the headquarters of PIZ3 GmbH unless another jurisdiction is mandatory.

Should individual parts of this privacy policy be ineffective, this does not affect the validity of the remaining privacy policy. Due to the further development of our website and offers or due to changed legal or regulatory requirements, it may be necessary to change this privacy policy.

If you have questions or comments about our legal information or privacy policy, please contact us at our contact point stated at the beginning of this Privacy Policy.

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